East Bilney Lakes was opened 30 years ago by Mr Tony Fell and his family. It shortly became east Anglia’s best fishery. A few years later it sadly closed its doors to the public and was used by the family as a family haven.

In January 2021 Lee, Kelly and their 2 girls moved into the lakeside and immediately started working on the land.

As documented on Facebook, the work undertaken to bring the lakes back to life has been immense. In June 2021 works started on desilting and removing 40,000 tonnes of silt from the lakes, as well as felling trees, sculpting the landscape, replacing bridges, building walls, and paths, setting up the cafe ……

In winter, we then enjoyed stocking the lakes with some of the most beautiful fish. From 1lb to 32 lbs stunners.

This place will again be East Anglian best fishery hosting some of the big competitions.

We look forward to welcoming you to our ‘mud free’ Fishery.